Monday, January 14, 2013

1st week in Cusco

I’m in a city called Ambuncay! Its wayyy high up in the Andes. My sector is called Tamburco. Its really cool here. My door goes up to my waist! haha I will send pics next week cause I had no time to take some this week. My comp is Elder Aguilar from Lima. He is awesome! This is his last month in the field and he is training me. We live alone but we go everyday to a house that cooks 3 meals a day for us! They are soo awesome! Mom will you invite the missionaries over and feed them! My week was crazy.

We got to Cusco on Tuesday and got our comps and headed out to our area. 5 hour bus ride through the mountains i was puking. I can’t understand a word of Spanish. In a lesson this guy kept asking me questions and I couldn’t understand him and i just started bawling! I am praying like I never have before.

Friday- Me and my comp are new to our area so we haven’t really talked to any investigators because we are trying to get to know the members. I really like talking to the members kids because my Spanish is about the same as theirs haha. It helps a lot. Also while we were walking meeting people I stopped and played some basketball with these kids. My comp contacted them after. It was good to feel normal for a minute. I know Heavenly father put them there for me to feel normal for a minute.

Saturday- We went out again to meet some of the members. We met the very first member in Abuncay. He is 93 and walks 3 miles to church every day. Heavenly Father gave me a great experience with him. As i was sitting there while we were talking to him. I felt this love for him and like very proud. After that we had a meeting with the Branch President. He told us in our ward zone there are 324 members, ONLY 65 come to church! We have to do a lot with the less actives now rather than new investigators.

Sunday- WOW. Sunday is missionaries do everything day. We prepared and blessed the sacrament, gave talks on the spot, blessed a sick child and taught Elders Quorum.

I love you all soo much. I am running on only faith right now. Its the hardest thing ever. I just keep smiling.

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