Monday, July 15, 2013

Food, Food, More Food & an Awesome Lesson!

What’s up Brey family!!

I hope all is well and you guys are just having a blast this summer! haha Its winter here and since I am so high up its really cool!  But It’s awesome! This was the last week of the change so we were really busy with doing all the stuff to get changes ready!  But I had some great experiences this week! I will share them with you. 

 1st off we are in the process of moving while we are doing all of our office stuff and missionary stuff!  Its been legit crazy!! haha But we are just about moved so it will be so nice when we are all done and settled in.. I hate moving!

This was the last week of my comp Elder Scholes who was training me to be in the office. He was really trunky but going to all the appointments with him really helped me gain some weight! hahaha every meal this week we have had a member take us out to eat!  Pizza, Rice and Chicken, Tacos... Needless to say it was awesome! we just went hard on the food this week! haha And to top it off... On Saturday we had all day pday because we weren’t going to have a pday because of how busy we are the week of changes.. So anyway a couple Peruvians call out Elder Green (one of the assistants) and I to play some two on two in a little game of basketball... (sidenote... Elder Green played college basketball at Utah State and I have yet to see a Peruvian my size hahaha) So anyway we played them in basketball and balled them up! haha It wasnt even close! It was sick to play ball but to also play with Elder Green. After that we moved most of our house and at 7:30 pm we headed over to the local rodizio grill! haha Elder Green and I went soo hard! We sat there from 7:30 to 9:30 eating! haha I ate so much it was awesome! The coolest part was just chillin with my boy elder green and talking about life. It’s crazy how the Lord puts soo many people in my life! 

On Sunday we had a great sacrament meeting and then we went and ate a great meal at our pensions house! After that since weve had no time this week we just went and started
packing and moving the house again.  I was soo tired! But Elder Corredor ( the other assistant, and a great friend of mine) asked me to go to a lesson with him. It was such a sick lesson! It was Elder Corredor´s last lesson so it was just way cool to be there. Anyway he taught this lesson to these less active members. He taught using Matthew 14:23- 33. It’s about when Jesus gets done feeding the thousands of people with bread. Anyway Jesus goes to pray to our Heavenly Father and the apostles get ready to leave on their boat. The winds start going way crazy and they are all scared. So then they see this figure walking towards them on the water! What how is that possible? Well its Jesus Christ... He is the Son of God! Then Peter asks him.. Hey bro if it’s really you then let me walk on the water too. So Peter starts walking on the water with the Savior. Then the wind starts to pick up and Peter starts to lose his faith and he starts to sink. Now is the important part that we focused on in our lesson. Verse 31 it says... And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him. I love that part so much! Sometimes we lose our faith and we think that the Savior isn’t putting forth his hand. But the hand is always there. That is the first thing he did. He didn’t let Peter struggle but he reached out his hand! We just need to have faith and grab on to the hand. Like praying, reading our scriptures and going to church. 

I am having a lot of fun here in the office! All the missionaries I am with are wayy cool and we always just laugh! haha Its a blast! Well can’t wait to hear from you guys next week! I love you guys! I miss you guys! Know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ LIVE!! They are here to help us! 

Much love,
Elder Brey


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